“Beth’s food is creative, delicious, and affordable.  My husband and I work full time, have a baby, and have opposite food needs (vegetarian vs. dairy-free carnivore).  Beth has allowed us to eat together as a family without spending our limited free time shopping and cooking.  When my husband decided he wanted to try out macrobiotic cuisine, Beth worked with us to design new menus to meet our needs.  So far we have lost a collective 13 lb. without even trying, while eating food so tasty that we forget how healthy it is.”
Margie K., Jamaica Plain, MA

“Great Healthy Food Chef! Beth has been great to work with! Very flexible with the menu, my choices, and days that work for cooking. Her meals/food is FAB! The BEST part? I have lost weight eating her food. Even the yummy pixie balls aren’t adding inches to my waistline. I definitely recommend Pixie Dust Gourmet to anyone who is too busy to cook meals daily or is looking for better/healthy meals to serve their family or themselves.”

– Maura O., Waltham, MA

“Try Beth, you won’t regret it! Beth has been very easy to work with, and we love her food. She is extremely flexible, and is willing to either cook at her own home and deliver, or cook in your home. She will either provide you with a menu, or let you send her recipes! And the food is delicious and healthy. We’re glad we found her and decided to give a personal chef a try! It’s really helped the weeknight dinner rush and made evenings more enjoyable with the family since we can focus on being together after a long day, rather than worrying about what’s for dinner!”

– Catherine L., mom of two pre-schoolers, Burlington, MA

“Creative, delicious home cooking! Chef Beth tastefully adapts already creative dishes for our specific dietary concerns. Very easy to work with, very personable, reasonable prices. Thanks so much.”

 – Ann D., Boston, MA

“I have been working with Beth Beard and Pixie Dust Gourmet for over a year now.  I am a very satisfied regular customer.  I love great, high quality food I can eat at home, but am short on time.  Pixie Dust resolves that problem.  The food is always delicious and the menu is innovative.  The food is also very healthy.  I try to eat mostly protein and veggies.  The menu makes it very easy to accommodate my dietary needs.  Beth is easy and fun to work with and very flexible to your needs with all sorts of customizable options in terms of food choices and pickup/delivery.”  

– Jonathan M., Chestnut Hill, MA

“Best manicotti EVER! I was just informed after eating this meal that it was gluten-free and I never would have known!”

-Calvin B., age 12, Southborough, MA

“I LOVE this food!!! Your Indian food is way better than Whole Foods and healthier than the restaurants. I entertain a lot and your food has been a life saver – no one believed me when I told them you weren’t an Indian chef! You will get a return customer for sure!”

-Puja M., Woburn, MA

“I have been working with Beth since January 2016. I love working with her – she is extremely passionate and informative. She loves what she does and she has a wealth of information from food allergies and weight loss to medical issues like diabetes. She has taught me so much about understanding my gluten intolerance to watching my glycemic index intake and of course helping me to change the way I eat to be more healthy and get off of the diet roller coaster. Beth started as a stranger introduced through a friend and has turned into an integral part of my overall healthiness. The best of all, she is an incredible cook who is constantly creating new delicious creations. When we started together we had numerous conversations about what I like, don’t like. She always checked in to see how the food was and if I had any comments. She knows me so well now I just let her choose the menu. I’m delighted to see what she creates every time I get my food. Thank you Beth for being the incredibly passionate and compassionate person you are. It is a true joy to work with you!!!!!”

– Penny Y., Milford, MA