How it Works

For the love of food!

  • Do you miss many of your favorite home-cooked meals now that you are gluten-free?
  • Are you looking to eat more healthy meals as a family but just don’t have the time to cook?
  • Do you love organic, natural whole-foods sourced from local farms?
  • Are you tired of scrutinizing food labels and quizzing the wait staff at your local restaurant for “safe” menu items?
  • Have you or a family member recently been diagnosed with celiac disease and are overwhelmed with the daunting-task of removing gluten from your life?
  • Are you someone without special dietary needs who is still excited by the idea of having your own personal chef?

12290594_10208215293845787_1263653002_oWith Pixie Dust Gourmet’s personal chef service you can enjoy delicious, nutritious and affordable meals at home, prepared exactly the way you like them.

I take care of it all, from meal prep and food shopping to cooking, storage and clean-up. By bringing my passion for creating healthy and great tasting food right into your kitchen, you will have more time to pursue the things that you love!

All of my dishes are gluten-free and I use organic, non-GMO, whole-food ingredients sourced from local farms whenever possible. In addition to the paleo, vegetarian and vegan items already on the menu I can also adapt others to suit your needs. Lower salt, fat, carbohydrate or glycemic-index meals are all possible.

The first step is calling me for a free, personal consultation at 617-286-4434 so that I can learn more about your tastes, preferences and lifestyle. I will then come to your home to do a comprehensive inventory of your kitchen and a survey of your family’s dietary needs, allergies, etc.

Then you select from one of the service plans below, we pick your cook day and let me do the rest!. The menu changes monthly, offering a wide variety of main dishes that I will customize for your unique tastes and dietary needs.  All meals are prepared from scratch in your kitchen, sourced from local farms using fresh, natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. Finished dishes are packaged by serving size in your fridge and are freezer-friendly, with cooking/re-heating instructions included!

Service Plans

Meal plans are priced per cook session and vary based on the number of meals I prepare. I package dishes in glass or plastic containers in whatever portion sizes you choose. Plans are designed to be affordable and are similar to a moderately priced restaurant.

All desserts, breakfast breads and sides (unless included with a meal) are priced individually and average $5-$30 per dish with 3-12 servings.

Weekly Cook Sessions

  • 3 meals per week, 2-6 servings of each: $215 + groceries
  • 4 meals per week, 2-6 servings of each  $265 + groceries
  • 5 meals per week, 2-6 servings of each: $315 + groceries

Bi-Weekly Cook Sessions (every other week) or Monthly

  • 3 meals, 4-8 servings of each: $250 + groceries
  • 4 meals, 4-8 servings of each: $300 + groceries
  • 5 meals, 4-8 servings of each: $350 + groceries

Average Grocery Costs

Groceries range from $1-$9 per serving (soups, sides and vegetarian dishes tend to be less, fish and organic meat dishes tend to run higher).

Parties, Special Events and Home Catering

Click here to learn more about special events, occasions and parties!