Menu: August and September 2016

August and September 2016 Menu


Ginger and Scallion Salmon
Fresh wild-caught salmon in an Asian marinade of ginger, scallions, sesame oil and tamai

scallop basil lemon pastaLemon Basil Pasta with Grilled Scallops and Bacon
Almond flour fettucini noodles in a lemon, shallot and fresh basil sauce with grilled sea scallops and bacon
Butternut Squash and Almond Butter Curry with Cauliflower Rice
Butternut squash, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes in an almond butter curry served with cauliflower rice
Vegan and paleo

Chinese Stir-Fry
Stir fried bok choy, carrots, snow peas, onions, mushrooms and chinese broccoli with your choice of: tofu, shrimp, chicken, pork or beef. Served with brown rice, cauliflower rice or glass rice noodles
Dairy-free and can be made vegan or paleo

Apricot Glazed Chicken
Organic chicken thigh medallions and onions simmered in brandied apricot sauce; served over quinoa or cauliflower rice
Paleo-friendly (has brandy), dairy-free and low-carb depending on side

North Indian Kidney Bean MasalaNorth Indian Kidney Bean Masala
Punjabi mild curry dish with kidney beans, onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and masala spices. Served with brown or white rice

Buckwheat and Ricotta Gnocci with Zucchini, Cream and Spinach
Update on traditional Italian “pasta” with zucchini and spinach in a light cream sauce with Parmesan – can add chicken
Vegetarian without chicken

Bacon Guacamole Chicken Bombs
Chicken breasts stuffed with avocado, onion, tomato and cilantro and wrapped in bacon; served with side of your choice

Zucchini Noodles with Spring Peas, Shrimp, Black Forest Ham and Parmesan
Zucchini noodles tossed with spring peas, wild-caught shrimp, black forest ham and Parmesan
Grain-free and paleo without Parmesan

Indian Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Re-baked sweet potatoes stuffed with plain yogurt and sautéed paneer, peas, onions, carrots and mushrooms in a light curry powder
Vegetarian – can be made vegan and paleo with chicken

Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan
Organic free-range chicken breasts or eggplant cutlets, breaded with seasoned Against the Grain french breadcrumbs and sautéed in EVOO, then baked with fresh basil, mozzarella and ricotta

cook-once-eat-twice-stuffed-peppers-and-tacos-15Mexican Stuffed Peppers
Red Peppers stuffed with queso fresco, cilantro, onions, corn, black beans, garlic, jalapenos and cauliflower rice with cumin and chili powder
Vegetarian – can be made vegan; can be made paleo with no cheese or beans – add chicken

Moroccan Red Bean Croquettes
Red bean, onion and sweet potato patties with Moroccan spices served with a kale, apricot and walnut pesto

Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Portobello mushroom caps stuffed with sautéed spinach, walnuts, garlic and cippolini onions with Boursin cheese and bread crumbs
Vegetarian and van be made paleo with almond flour and no cheese


spinach_leek_soup_nolgoSpinach and Leek Soup with Poached Chicken
Healthy soup of spinach, onions, garlic, leeks, broccoli and cauliflower pureed and topped with pulled poached chicken

Gazpacho Soup
Cold soup of fresh summer vegetables and herbs: tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, onions, garlic and basil
Vegan and paleo

Sweet Potato, Caramelized Garlic and Pine Nut Soup
Roasted sweet potatoes, caramelized onions and garlic soup topped with toasted pine nuts
Vegan and Paleo

Spring Minestrone Soup with Chicken Meatballs
Chicken meatballs simmered in chicken stock with Gemini pasta and leeks, carrots, parsnips and baby spinach. Topped with fresh grated Parmesan
Can be made paleo

Indian Coconut Tomato Soup

Fresh tomato soup scented with garlic and ginger and served with toasted brown mustard seeds and coconut; can be finished with coconut cream
Paleo and vegan 

White Bean, Chicken and Spinach Chili
White beans, onions, chicken and spinach in chicken stock with mexican spices

White-Bean-Tuna-SaladTuna and White Bean Salad
Tuna, white beans, capers, purple onions and scallions with lemon, red wine vinegar and EVOO; Calamata olives optional

Black Bean Salad
Black beans, fresh grilled corn, shallots, red peppers and purple onions in a lime and cilantro dressing topped with toasted cumin seeds and queso fresco
Vegetarian, can be made vegan

Indian Cachumber Salad
Cucumbers, shallots, roasted red peppers and tomatoes marinated in lime juice, cumin and olive oil with grilled Paneer (a firm, mild white Indian cheese)



Served with 1-2 sides of your choice

Grilled Barbecued Chicken: Boneless breasts or thighs, or bone-in breasts, thighs, legs or drumsticks
Seafood: Scallops, Shrimp, Haddock or Salmon grilled, sautéed, blackened or baked
Chicken, Pork, Veal or Turkeygrilled, sautéed, breaded or baked
Tofu or Portobello Mushroom Caps – marinated and grilled, sautéed or baked
Pulled Pork
Pork Chops
Marinated Steak Tips
Burgers: Salmon, Turkey, or Grass-Fed Organic Beef or Pork
Veggie Burgers: Cauliflower Quinoa, Portobello, Mexican, Italian or Indian
Chorizo, Linguisa, Italian Pork or Chicken and Apple


12356773_10153737831248077_6839902925058425299_oMashed Potatoes Can be made paleo or vegan
Salsas: Tomato and Avocado, Pineapple, Tomatillo Verde (note salsas cannot be frozen) Paleo
Pickled Purple Onions Paleo
Cauliflower Rice Paleo
Coconut Rice Studded with Peas Vegan
Wilted Garlic Kale Paleo
Purple Cold Slaw Paleo
Herbed Quinoa Vegan
Spiced Roasted Cauliflower Paleo
Raw Shredded Carrot, Ginger and Lime Salad Paleo
Roasted Veggies: Zucchini, Mushrooms, Onions, Carrots, Baby Potatoes, Butternut Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Summer Squash, Asparagus, Broccolini, Broccoli, Cauliflower (your choice) Paleo
Artichoke Spinach Dip Vegetarian
Refried Black Beans Vegan
Warm Lentils with Fried Onion Strings Vegetarian
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Shallots, Apples and Pecans
Avocado Cream – can be made paleo
Garlic, Lemon and Dill Labne (Lebanese sour cream) Vegetarian


sweet potato leek and lime frittersMuffin Tin Frittatas: with your choice of meats, cheeses and veggies  Can be made paleo, vegetarian and/or lactose free
Sweet Potato Souffle Paleo and vegetarian
Carrot Souffle Paleo and vegetarian
Creamy Parsnip Cups Vegetarian
Zucchini Fritters Paleo and vegan
Potato and Onion Latkes Paleo and vegan
Spinach and Cheese Fritters Vegetarian
Sweet Potato, Leek and Lime Fritters Vegan and Paleo
Eggplant Timbale Cups Vegetarian